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Our Process

Building your dream home should be exciting, not daunting or stressful. We’ve simplified the building process making it an easy, transparent and enjoyable journey where you know exactly what to expect and when – right up to handing over the keys to your new home.

Three Steps

Three steps to simplify the journey to your new home

  • Phase one.

    We guide you through the pre-construction journey to ensure the design suits your site and minimises environmental impact before we confirm all details in readiness for contract signing. Here’s what we’ll cover in phase one:

    We’ll require important information relating to your site including a soil test report, land survey report, bushfire assessment level (BAL) report, along with any site related additional details.
    We’ll visit your site and complete a thorough assessment to ensure your design utilises the full potential of the natural environment and your surroundings.
    You’ll review our materials selection guide and optional upgrades making a choice on which colour palette and upgrades you’d love to move forward with.
    Next, we’ll prepare preliminary designs for you to review.
    We’ll engage a thermal performance assessor for your Energy Rating and a Structural Engineer for footings and structural details.
    You’ll need to speak to your bank, financial advisor or mortgage broker to lock in any finance decisions and details for this project.
  • Phase two.

    We take care of design documentation during the Approvals phase to ensure the process runs smoothly. Here’s what we’ll cover in Phase two:

    If your project requires Council approvals we’ll provide design documentation ready for submission.
    We’ll provide you with contract documentation to sign.
    We provide design drawings and documentation required for the building permit application.
  • Phase three.

    We’ll build your modular home in our off-grid construction facility over approximately 16 weeks, deliver it to your site ready to connect to services. Then, we’ll join you for a final inspection before it’s time to move in! Here’s what we’ll cover in phase three:

    Our experienced team will construct your modular home in our off-grid facility in Gippsland.
    You’ll be able to make an appointment to view your dream home in progress by visiting our construction facility.
    Then, completed modules will be delivered to your site ready to connect to services.
    We’ll join you for a final inspection, then it’s time for us to hand over the keys and you to move in!

Take a tour

Take a tour

New display coming 2022

Take a virtual tour of our new carbon neutral EcoGeneration display home to be constructed in 2022.