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Malcolm Gordon: ‘I felt’ Denys Bondar’s arm break before fight was stopped at UFC Vegas 47

Gordon said the initial armbar attempt was tight enough to break Bondar’s arm. 

Malcolm Gordon after his fight with Denys Bondar at UFC Vegas 47.
Malcolm Gordon after his fight with Denys Bondar at UFC Vegas 47.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Malcolm Gordon knew his fight with Denys Bondar was over after a submission attempt in the first round.

Gordon and Bondar met on the preliminary portion of UFC Vegas 47, where the bout was quickly taken to the ground by the promotional newcomer. While on his back, Malcolm ‘X’ went to work and threatened with a few armbar attempts, which ‘Psycho’ was able to get out of. Although he escaped, those attempts proved to be far more damaging than previously thought. A scramble alongside the fence revealed that Bondar had been injured after posting his left arm on the canvas and it appeared to collapse under its weight.

As referee Mark Smith waved off the fight, Gordon returned to his feet and told his corner that Bondar had broken his arm. During his post-fight press conference with assembled media, the Canadian flyweight detailed when he realized his opponent had suffered the fight-ending injury and how he exposed it.

“Obviously, we’re all martial artists and we all want to get in and perform, so I’m not going in there trying to hurt the guy or anything like that,” said Gordon (video provided by MMA Junkie). “I did feel when I had that armbar that it was tight and you know we have to do what we have to do to get that finish or get the tap. He was tough though. That arm broke in the armbar and I felt it break and then it was in the transition of him standing up when it broke and once he stood up, I was like, ‘Ok, it’s going to be a matter of time before he realizes that this thing is broken’. And then I just decided that we would just kind of lean him against the fence at let him touch the hand on the ground.

“It was a smart move on my part and once that happened, he realized that it was done,” continued Gordon. “So, I feel terrible because obviously I don’t go in there wanting to kill people, but yeah. It’s unfortunate. I hope he has a speedy recovery. I know he’s coming off of a couple injuries and this was his first fight in two years and I really do hope and wish him the best and for him to come back stronger from this too. I’m not out there trying to hurt people like that, you know?”

When asked if he felt the arm break, Gordon confirmed he did and explained that he was no stranger to such a gruesome scenario.

“Absolutely, I felt it,” said Gordon. “I heard it, everything. Everything. It’s not the first time this has happened to me, so I’ve done it a couple of times now. The first time it ever happened to me, I felt terrible and then every time whichever, you get used to it. But you also understand that you’ve got to play the game too.”

Now 2-2 under the UFC banner, Gordon has his sights set on continuing his newfound momentum when he returns to the Octagon.